Wilora dwelling construction and refurbishment

Completed in 2017, the Wilora project involved the demolition of six dwellings, construction of six three-bedroom remote community housing (RCH) dwellings and the upgrade of one dwelling, all utilising the skills of local CDP members. 

The updated houses have become new homes for the local Aboriginal community, offering improved infrastructure and more space to accommodate larger families in Wilora.

Up to six local community members were utilised in areas such as carpentry, painting and other general labour. This ensured on the job training with real skills being obtained and retained in the community so that in the future, community members will have the capacity to carry out their own repairs and maintenance.

Ingkerreke Commercial CEO Callum Mathison is passionate about ensuring the work in projects like Wilora also contributes to positive social outcomes for the community, with local labourers and tradespeople employed regularly.

“On the surface, the Wilora project provided short-term employment outcomes with hands-on-training and further strengthened Ingkerreke’s working relationship with Intract Indigenous Contractors,” Callum says.

“But it’s also about fostering a sense of ownership in the community. The hard work and many hours that have gone into construction of the dwellings create a sense of pride and mutual respect,” he says.

The social outcomes from projects like Wilora include providing the local Aboriginal youth with sustainable trade skills that can set them up as skilled, employable adults ready for a lifelong career in the industry.

“In addition to delivering an almost 50% Indigenous workforce, Ingkerreke is one of the only companies in the Northern Territory, along with Intract, to be delivering real employment and social outcomes that are not a cost to business,” Callum says.

“Further to that, Ingkerreke is consistently delivering projects on time, remains competitive on price and provides high-quality workmanship in the finished product,” he says.