19 June

Stanley flicks the switch for a brighter future

Meet Stanley Fernandez.

He’s the hardworking Dad inspired to become a positive role model for his three kids and to build a future in the electrical industry.

Stanley began working at Ingkerreke Commercial in April 2016, joining his brother, carrying out labouring duties and assisting the tradesmen.

“I was looking for work and my brother mentioned they needed more people. I sent my resume to Ryan and started working as a labourer,” Stanley said.

His attention quickly turned to electrical work. Stanley expressed an interest in growing within himself and wanting to achieve more from his job and more for his family and initiated a conversation expressing his desire to become a qualified electrician.

Stanley commenced his Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician (national qualification UEE30811) at the end of 2017.

He enjoys the challenge of electrical work. He looks at the world differently now – knowing and understanding the inner workings of everyday items, such as a light switch.

One of Stanley’s goals is to be able to wire up an entire house, but for now he is content refining his skills by running new wires for refurbishments and learning as much as he can along the way. 

“I see a long-term future for myself in the electrical industry,” Stanley said.

“It is so diverse and there are so many opportunities to apply your skills in different areas of the industry.” 

To help him be successful in his apprentice training, Stanley has purchased many of his own tools and also attends out of hours literacy and numeracy training - further evidence of his commitment to doing well in his chosen trade.

Ingkerreke Commercial Operations Manager Ryan Branford has been impressed by Stanley’s positivity and enthusiasm from the very first day.

“It has been great to see Stanley grow from the start of his employment to where he is now and we will continue driving him forwards,” Ryan said.

“Straight from the get-go Stanley has shown dedication to his position with a willingness to learn by actively participating in hands-on daily electrical duties, working alongside his fellow electrician tradesmen and taking in as much information as he can to get a good understanding of the basics of electrical works.”

And this dedicated Dad is also single-handedly raising his three kids, aged 8, 9 and 11.

“My initial inspiration behind starting this apprenticeship was my kids,” Stanley said.

“I want to encourage and inspire them to look at the bigger picture in life and take every opportunity. They can do anything in life that they put their minds to.”