18 Oct 2018

New foyer is music to CAAMA’s ears

An upgraded foyer with a nostalgic cultural history of Aboriginal media is the result of a working partnership between Ingkerreke Commercial and the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA).

What started in November 2017 as a crowdfunded project quickly gathered momentum and the support of local community and industry leaders. To upgrade the dated facilities, CAAMA needed to raise $150,000.

Ingkerreke Commercial came to the party with in-kind support through the provision of labour to complete the required renovation works.

 ‘Working with Ingkerreke Commercial was a game changer for the campaign,’ said Glen Yearwood, Business Development Manager at CAAMA.

‘I approached Callum at Ingkerreke to discuss a donation based on labour in lieu of financial support to our donation drive.’

‘This allowed us to start renovations earlier than planned and to use the capital already raised to buy the raw materials necessary for the refurbishment, knowing we didn’t need to control labour costs,’ Glen said.

The new foyer, which was completed in September 2018, offers an improved work environment for CAAMA staff as well as an inspiring and educational space for the many tourists and visitors to Central Australia.

The foyer features a cultural display of Aboriginal artworks and artefacts as well as information on the important work of CAAMA, a not-for-profit organisation with a long history of broadcasting and supporting local musicians and recording artists.

Ingkerreke provided 10 tradespeople for the three-month renovation who completed the required demolition, carpentry, electrical, painting and decorating.

‘Ingkerreke Commercial is a good partner with a progressive management team,’ Glen said. 

‘We do hope to do more work with Ingkerreke Commercial going forward.’