12 May

Chealcee shoots for success in Europe

Ingkerreke Commercial contributes to the local NT community in a variety of ways and we were proud to be able to support Chealcee Fitz to attend a European netball trip in January.

Highlights of the trip included sightseeing in London, a visit to Buckingham Palace and Big Ben and taking in a football match between Birmingham and Newcastle.

Chealcee also visited Paris where she climbed the Eiffel Tower to take in the breathtaking daytime view and also experienced the tower lit up at night.

“I had the amazing opportunity to travel around Europe with an incredible group of girls and coaches from around Australia. I was one of only two Northern Territorians to participate in the tour. The experience and skills I learnt on this trip were incredible,” Chealcee said.

Of the 13 netball matches played against teams from small towns across England and Wales, Chealcee’s team won 11.

“A big thanks for helping me get to see and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. One which I would never had without your support.”