20 December

All hands on deck in Wilora

Ingkerreke Commercial recently handed over six new dwellings and one refurbished property in the community of Wilora utilising the skills of local CDP members. Up to six local community members were utilised in areas such as carpentry, painting and other general labour. 

This ensured on the job training with real skills being obtained and retained in the community so that in the future, community members will have the capacity to carry out their own repairs and maintenance.  It also gives the local community members a sense of pride in the completed works.

Ingkerreke Commercial’s CEO, Callum Mathison is proud of the contribution of the CDP at Wilora as it aligns with the company’s core values of “a whole-of- life approach to business, in that the benefits of employing and training Aboriginal people may accrue beyond the life of a particular individual, project or business.”

Photo: Representatives from Central Desert Shire, Department of Housing and Community Development and Ingkerreke Commercial pictured at the recent handover of six new builds at Wilora. A representative from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet was also in attendance.