14 April

New Outback Power Team Announcement

Ingkerreke Commercial holds the Outback Power contract funded by the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet. We provide annual scheduled & unscheduled Maintenance on 244 Solar Systems located in Far North Queensland, Northern Territory & the Kimberley’s WA. This involves a once a year scheduled maintenance visit and responding to major breakdowns as needed in some of Australia’s most remote and isolated areas.

We are very pleased to announce that we have been delivering the Outback Power contract for the past two years. The enthusiasm and passion for the job is evident and the results are there. Outback Power contract is managed by Asset Manager Marie Campbell. Marie says “The team has changed since first starting the project and in early February we recruited a new Outback Power team in Ashley Keogh-Hunt & William Collins. The new team has settled in well, since completing their practical solar training and additional course study, this has contributed to being able to draw closer to the completion of the central scheduled maintenance for 2016 in a timely manner”.

Electrician, Ashley Keogh-Hunt is new to the Ingkerreke team and brings extensive electrical experience, enthusiasm and a passion for passing on skills to Trades Assistant 22 year old, William Collins. Ashley says, “Ingkerreke has a friendly atmosphere and is enjoying the travel to new places that come with the challenges of working remote”.

William has been with the company for over two years in the recurring works teams, having landed his position with the Outback Power team for his hard work and keen interest in having a go at different trades. He says, “I enjoying working remote and getting a feel for different trades while working with good people that you can have a laugh with”.

Asset Manager Marie Campbell says, “This year moving forward I would like to recruit an additional Outback Power team to advance our resource plan to the project. I hope that Outback Power will be a continued success story for Ingkerreke Commercial Pty Ltd in the continued months ahead.