28 October

Ingkerreke Commercial Supports RDA, Alice Springs

16th September, 2016................Many of the community will already know that over the weekend unfortunately the centre suffered from some terrible vandalism having all of our windows smashed the centre gone through with nothing missing however everything thrown around the place and some things smashed up, resulting in a terrible mess and expense to get the centre back to where it was.....we would like to thank Ashleigh Anderson our wonderful feeder who alerted us to this damage Sunday morning, Dani Armistead who spent her Sunday doing a fabulous job assisting with the clean up and everyone in the community who has offered kind words and support.

We would also really like to express our huge Thanks from the whole of the RDA Community Staff, Volunteers, Riders, Horses and Supporters to Ingkerreke Commercial who heard of the centre's hardship and has generously donated the cost of the repairs to the centre replacing all of our windows broken and providing additional security screens to all our windows and doors to prevent any further problems.

Alice Springs has a fabulous community of support in times of hardship and RDA is so grateful for all the ongoing community support we receive year round in times of need as well as to enjoy and support each other in all other times.  We are forever grateful as are the many people that benefit from the our centre which is not only riders but the volunteers, staff and RDA supporters alike all benefit from the joys our centre bring upon the live of others.  RDA Alice Springs has a big list of sponsors that support us which is continuing to grow this year please look out for our new Thank you to our sponsors Album which will be added to our Facebook page in the near future.