For more than a decade, Ingkerreke Commercial Pty Ltd has tailored steel products to withstand the tough Australian outback.  From structural steel and roof trusses to stainless steel kitchens, fixtures and fittings, and from stairs to custom-made utility trays, our products come guaranteed by experienced tradesman familiar with desert conditions.  Our product is one hundred per cent local: everything we do is sourced and made right here in Alice Springs, including the supply of the steel and its powder coating.

Our range of services and products include:

  • Supply of structural and detail steel components, including portal frames, beams and roof trusses, as well as the manufacture, supply and installation of demountable buildings.
  • High quality stainless steel products, such as handrails, stainless water and fuel tanks, kitchens, fixtures, splashbacks and fittings, such as soap holders, shelves and shower rails.
  • On-site erection of structural steel and all forms of welding, including stainless steel and aluminium, stick, MMA, TIG and MIG welding, as well as field welder services, including hard facing and work with Bizalloy.
  • Utility vehicle trays, repairs, maintenance and custom manufacture of trailers and accessories.
  • Small jobbing, such as tool boxes, floor drains and soaker trays.