About Us

Our Vision

To create social and commercial outcomes in central and northern Australia by employing Aboriginal people in a profitable, reliable and versatile building and construction business.

Who We Are

Ingkerreke Commercial is an Aboriginal owned and run building and construction contractor, project manager and steel fabricator. The name Ingkerreke is a Central Arrernte word meaning ‘all together,’ which reflects a business ethos of family values, team spirit and clear communication.  Ingkerreke Commercial’s staff, management and board are passionate about developing a community-based Aboriginal workforce with mainstream qualifications.  From a head office in Alice Springs, our experienced project managers, supervisors and tradesmen offer services to a wide range of corporate, government and private clients across Central Australia, the Top End, northern Western Australia and Far North Queensland. Ingkerreke Commercial aims to maintain our Indigenous workforce with an average 50% Indigenous employees out of approximately 70 staff. The office in Darwin is exploring opportunities to expand our successful business model deeper in to the North.


  • Provide high-quality, client-focused service that promotes excellence in workmanship for a competitive price;
  • Grow our business to be the leading Aboriginal-owned and run building and construction contractor in the Northern Territory;
  • Through training that leads to jobs, create sustainable employment for Aboriginal people, while being accorded the same treatment and respect as any commercial builder; and
  • Leave a legacy of well-equipped remote Aboriginal populations ready to work in their communities.


  • People-centered: Our people are who we are; without them we cannot become the business we want to be.
  • Socially-driven: We aim for social objectives, such as sustainable employment for Aboriginal people, while maintaining commercial viability.
  • Innovative: We innovate to conceive unique solutions suited to local conditions.
  • Client-focused: We aim for high-quality, client-oriented service that builds trust and integrity, as well as long-lasting, robust relationships and return business.
  • Safety-first: We insist upon rigorous and effective safety standards, born of policies that comply with all workplace legislation and codes of practice.
  • Training-oriented: We believe in a whole-of- life approach to business, in that the benefits of employing and training Aboriginal people may accrue beyond the life of a particular individual, project or business.
  • Ethical: We behave professionally and ethically at all times in the knowledge that our actions build our reputation.